Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The other end

Celia was right about the industrial look to my walk to work. When I do a shorter trip I park near the trees, but for the longer walk I park opposite a used car yard, & a fish wholesale freezer centre, and the entrance to Western Transport Truck Depot. Today there were about 20 cars parked (usually 3) and so I ended up at the end, (or the beginning, i.e further to walk), so maybe more have got the walking and free parking idea???
I walk under 3 railway bridges of decreasing height, the area is famous for trucks stuck who do the first one and don’t realise the low warning refers to the third one out of sight in pic.!
I then walk past an electric sub station that on a sunny morning, causes a weird flashing light as the sun comes through the vertical bars in a strobe effect. At the corner I turn and face the railway crossing but have a pedestrian gate to use, then I am at the trees again.
Last week as I was driving home near the crossing, it is single lane over the tracks, but cars often charge up in the two lanes and merge abruptly. A flashy purple car did just that, but had to stop suddenly as another car had done the same. I saw them stop again (we had all been stationary) but the car behind had a gap so was moving faster and I could see it coming up on me and sure enough Bang. Not very loud or forceful but I swore mildly and pulled over, waited in the car and then a woman got out and came up as I got out. She was apologetic (and quite pregnant) saying she misjudged teh speed, and we inspected our cars and there was not a mark! Her bumper and mine were same height and we just pushed together! My brakes etc were fine so I said it’s fine As I was getting back to the car, there was a wheel cover in the way, so I went to move it and saw it was a Toyota one. She came out of the door again and said is it OK, but I said it’s not mine but is my type and ….it fits!! So now I have a 3rd cover, one more to go; hopefully not with a tail ender!!

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"See Me"... said...

Laughed at the good fortune at the end of the bump!
Glad you aren't hurt.
The industrial side of the walk is more what I expected.

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