Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surviving at work

A picture says a thousand words!! This was at 10pm.
However in the hallowed halls of the Hospital we had a cooler working day, though we had two "Code Yellows" Power off in the South East Building (mine) and aircon off in the AP Building (not sure what one that is!) due to power outages all over the city.
We were all shocked at the tragedy this morning of a 5 yr old girl being thrown off the West Gate traumatizing for the two siblings as well as what state the father must have been in to do such a thing!
My day was less traumatic dealing with babies who
1. eat fairly well but doesn't gain weight, probably mal-absorption;
2. post cleft lip repair, been taking some time to get back to feeding on a background of 4 months of traumatic feeding. He looks lovely with a cupid's bow of an upper lip now;
3. One of twins who gets upset at the sight of the bottle, and has a naso-gastric tube for feeding, but now doing a little more than thinking about drinking, very pleased we all are today, as he is playing with the bottle and actually swallowed a few mls.
4. A referral to the Mental Health Service of a baby under 12 months was accepted!!! YAY!! She was one who cried whenever she was put down or mum left the room or she had been playing by herself for 3 minutes!! These separation anxiety babies are ones that interest me as well and I have a new one coming next week, but this mum lived along way off so closer service was better.
5.A new-to-the-hospital-last-year Irish pediatrician, has discovered my work arena, (ref by another Paed, who keeps asking when I am going into private practice.) We have a mutual patient who is phobic about feeding (reasonable, seeing she choked and aspirated frequently as a little babe) and was thought to be brain damaged, but as her feeding is less stressful she is now obviously normal and was just switching off. Each time we see her she is more animated and smiling, and parents more responsive to her.
So altogether a normal day, with more ahead.
The Unsettled Baby Clinic is swamped, so I am taking some of their referrals to get them through. I have booked them for next week (speedy service I offer!!) so hope the ward work is not too heavy.

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"See Me"... said...

Good to hear about your work Mich. It is obviously keeping you busy.... again!

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