Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot as..

I am writing his at 10pm with the temperature still at 37 degrees! It was 41 when I walked back to the car and like many of Melbourne-ites I retreated to the Nova cinema in Carlton for a few hours and saw Gran Torino, with Clint Eastwood; another great film and performance.
When I got into the car I took off my sneakers and socks and after I had cooled the car a bit, I set off and braked to a quick halt as my feet were burning on the pedals! Hastily pulled on my sandals. The heat reminded me of my arrival in Derby in WA in 1970, I arrived in October at 8pm and the heat made me think at first that I had walked across the exhaust from the plane, but no that was the evening! Similar tonight!
I wanted to do some blogging about my work so this start is to set the scene. The new hospital is being built next to the current one in the parkland, with all wards will be facing the park and have outdoor access. Currently they have dug out the underground car park, and the frame of the 4 floors. Due to finish in 2011 I hope to stay working there till we move in. We'll see.
My office is in what was the Nurses home until 1988. I am on the third floor and look out on the intersection of Flemington Rd and Gatehouse Street, sometimes I get distracted by near misses across the wide road.
My room is a double student room so I have space for a desk and computer as well as a big play area for my patients. 90% of these are babies under 12mths who are fussy, poor feeders, or ones who refuse altogether. So my tools of trade are dolls, a high chair, kids table, play food, dolls bottle where the milk magically disappears, and cooking utensils. I also have a new doll, a gift from Kerry, who did the job while I was in Japan. A bonus is to have a domestic staff who are happy to vacuum up 100's and 1000's and do a carpet spot clean when needed.

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Love the tools of trade!

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