Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The morning commute

The forecast for 5 days over 40 (hottest consecutive heatwave for 100years!) had me worried about how I'd manage the walking to and from work, but today started off OK
I parked the car a bit closer so not so long a walk (25 vs 35 mins) at end of day, when it is hotter. It was pleasantly cool at 17 degrees, so I enjoyed the walk in the variety of trees I see on my way.
This is the road where I park the car in front of a tool shop store. The ground to the side is the North Melbourne Football Club (Kangaroos) or Arden Street Oval with green Peppercorn trees, and this Gum is so beautiful with its smooth trunk and twisted branch.

I walk about 10 minutes down this road then arrive at the North Melbourne outdoor pool; Very busy spot at the moment! The building is a 1940's style red brick one that was closed for 3 years, but reopened in 2001 by public protest - nothing like an active community group.
Opposite this (I short-cut across their lawn, again an area surrounded by peppercorn trees) I walk past the small neighbourhood park where the street is lined with Plane Trees and is wonderful in the shade. Often in the park there is a Chinese man doing Tai Chi and two old men sitting talking. In the afternoon the play area is full of kids and women from nearby flats.
After a small hike up a small slow hill I arrive at this beautiful Edwardian house, and turn right and walk down the centre plantation full of Eucalyptus with smooth and patterned bark. A real delight!
Then a turn into Flemington Road and I can see the progress of the new Hospital due to be finished in 2011.
The walk with my Ipod and walking shoes is a good start and preparation for my working mode.

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"See Me"... said...

I hadn't realized you had such a treed walk with such variety. When I've seen you head out under the railway bridge it seems to be a very industrial area and walk but obviously it changes fairly soon after the bridges.
Be careful in the heat.

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