Monday, January 26, 2009

More Beach Strolling

Anne & Paul and Ali & Stu arrived for a week on the coast. We went walking down to the beach on a lovey sunny day, four adults and 3 dogs. With the dogs on extended leads there was a bit of weaving to untangle at times, but they were all eager. The local beach is closed to dogs from Dec to Apr, (not popular with the locals!) but you can use it to access the next beaches and for us it was to walk around the rocks and cliffs to the second beach. There was a man with two golden retrievers taking no notice but we stayed on the rocks at the edge while Ali had a surf, then we headed off.
An activity that Spencer does not indulge in, it was cute to see Fluffy (yes!) digging a huge hole!
The tide was well out, and the rocks and rock pools are a fabulous walk. It was covered this time in a beaded seaweed,that while not slippery needed careful negotiations when the exposed rock was narrow.
I love the almost circular pools cut into the rock with crystal clear view to the stones and shells below. Spencer indulged in plunges into the bigger ones,while Fluffy and Sponty paddled! At one point Sponty disappeared (off leash!) and I walked back a little, and there he was perched between three young men who were eating Chinese food. He was chomping away; I asked what he was eating and the guy said 'Roast Duck!!! I had to almost drag him away!
We walked for about an hour around the beach to the Sunnymede beach which is a long stretch and dog friendly. It also has a steeper walk up to the road, so not my favourite! The sand was firm from the tide recently going out and the coloured cliffs made is a great view at every turn.

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"See Me"... said...

It all sounds idyllic! Great photos- you must have a fabulous camera... oh that's right I know where you got it!

Fluffy looks very small or that hole is very big!
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