Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Day 8 (-23) Today I had lunch at the Keiten Zushi in Meguro (Sushi Train). The article in the Age yesterday about the closure of the first Nori roll business in Melbourne, makes one see how far our international taste has come. I first ate Japanese food in 1968 at Sukiyaki in Melbourne and one of my favourites is Sushi. It's all stools around the counter with the food rolling by and new plates being put in at intervals by the chef. Mugs for tea roll past under the train, so you grab one, put in some tea and use the hot water tap set int0 the bench.
The coloured plates with prices on them are up on the wall, so you can keep track of the cost.

It was another lovely day, 29 and cool air, no humidity at all. So I walked down the main road to Meguro and had lunch at the Sushi train then headed back to the local park. It was a day to be outside enjoying nature so I joined the throng in the small park near Teien garden.
It seems to be a gathering spot for local families, just near the school and child care centres.
One woman was resting while her toddler slept. She was dressed to avoid the sun's rays. Another woman I talked to, said she was waiting with her first picked-up child (2pm) and had to wait till 3pm for the other.
It seemed people did not want to head home straight away. There were lots of kids running around with butterfly nets trying to catch crickets and grasshoppers A common children's activity in japan.
One mother was having a confrontation with her child about using the net on her sister and both were sat down to read books for a while. Some boys were racing to the top of the small hill and claiming the territory for Emperor and Country,or maybe just resting from the run.

I also read my book in between watching the activity, then strolled home again.
On the wall of the building at the back of the photos is a series of photos of birds.

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