Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Day 7 (-24)
Japanese vending machines are like no other. They sell things from hot and cold drinks, cigarettes, instant noodles, ice cream, sandwiches, sweets, magazines, etc. The drinks are usually 120-150y and at every drink machine are bins for recycling cans and bottles. I saw a young man ride his bike up to a machine to drop his used can in the bin! I love them because you can have lots of 'flat' drink, as I hate fizzy drinks, lemon water, iced tea, Pocari Sweat, Calpis to name a few. The latest they have is aluminium bottles with a screw top!
The machines always work are never vandalised and give change from notes as well as work on the Metro card!


It was a lovely day 29 degrees, but no humidity and a coolish breeze! I decided to go on a stroll down Ometosando Dori the street in Harajuku with all the top fashion stores. Prado, Jimmy Choo, La Foret, Chanel, Camper (great bags and shoes) Chanel, Dior, Imporio Armani, Issey Mikaye, Comme de Garrcon. etc etc. The Ralph Lauren edifice is a gracious white columned mansion that has a Koban (Police Box) in front that sort of ruins the sought for gracious look! I'm sure the box was added later!
The road has is lined with beautiful trees and is a lovely shaded walk. At the kids shop Petit Bateau they had a boat filled with balls that the kids could fish while mum was busy!
After the stroll I stopped in to The Ota Art Museum that has a rotating collection of Ukiyo-e, wood block prints.
These ones are from the Belguim Museum. Hundreds of Prints were bought when they were so popular in the 1890-1900's and so there are huge collection overseas, as well as in Japan.

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