Monday, September 8, 2008

Local stroll

Day 6 (-25)
I love cafes in Japan. They are often very comfortable, with sections of single seating as well as arm chairs and low tables. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. A great place to stop and recharge! There are chain cafes Doutor, Starbucks, Mr Donut, etc but I have not been to a Maid (Meido) cafe though I have seen similarly dressed characters in the street. #########################

I wandered around Ebisu station area today and saw at the end of a narrow street a shrine so walked on down. It was only about 4mt across and was actually an island with huge trees in the intersection of two small streets. As I was walking towards it a well dressed couple in their 30's stopped, tossed some coins in, prayed, then went into a nearby restaurant. Grace?
It had a lovely stone water trough and surrounding ite shrine were stone rails with red characters cut into each one. But it was very much just the local shrine and the back view gives an idea that shrines are perhaps an idea and a way to the gods not the home of them!
I had a pleasant wander along the street that had a lot of modern shops as well as one tiny one stuffed full of papers and an old man settled on a stool smoking. I'm not sure what he was actually selling, and how he kept in business.

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