Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flea Market

Day 5 (-26)
The shining cleanliness of the stations and trains is great. The only really grubby stations I've seen are those in Asakusa, a much older neighbourhood. This is the new Fukutoshin Line opened in June, with 16 new stations. The escalator has an Auto gate that starts as you walk past the beam.

Today I headed for the Toga Shrine in Harajuku where there is a bi-monthly Flea market. I went to the Shrine first, which has big stone lanterns, and the water spout is from a stone gourd.
As I approached I heard drumming (again!) so I went inside and this time there was a wedding party being photographed on the steps. I was unable to get close of course and my zoom function is not a clear thing so I just enjoyed the view rather than snapped away. The bride was in a gorgeous red patterned kimono with a white hat. and the groom was in blue and white striped hakama (pants) with a white haori (kimono Jacket) There was a lot of fussing getting her clothes just right, and she had someone mopping her face all the time. She must have been ready to expire; it was in the sun and hot!! There were temple attendants as well in coloured clothing that added to the scene.
The Flea market was lots of antique things; kimono, obi, fabric, dolls, pipes, woodblock prints, china and glass as well as old postcards and comics. It was hot and everyone was resting on their stools and only stirred if you asked a question. I bought an old kokeshi doll (wooden ones) with her head on the side and a pattern at the neck and base, unlike any I have. She cost me 250yen! obviously not a collectors item.

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