Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kawaii - Cute

Day 4 (-27)
What could be more cute than a Japanese baby! This Is Fuki, Yoko's 6 month old daughter. She is already crawling, up on all fours and even balancing on one hand and one foot! A lovely time together. This is the best of my photos. A children's photographer has skills I never appreciated before. She never stayed still! This I know about babies but takes on new meaning when trying to catch them on film. Maybe I should have put the camera on Sports mode!

That was actually all I did today (after the washing in the morning) I wrote to Maddy while waiting for the washing to be done; I could hear it sloshing around in the machine on the balcony. As the machine takes up 35% of the space and the Aircon unit another 15% there is just enough room to open the door so it’s not really an outdoor living space!
I travelled to Hatsudai station on the New Keio Line (Big N, not to be confused with the Keio line) and met Yoko at the Opera City Building, a space I have on my list to explore, then walked to her house through an interesting area. Yoko stayed with me when she was doing some observation with the Infant mental Health Group. I caught up with her again as she was volunteering for the Waimh Congress. She is going back to work next week to continue research she is doing for her Masters on Nutrition and starvation. But as she said depends on how Fuki manages at child care.
As we walked to her house we passed an old building that she said was a public local bath house, a Sento. It was closed as we went to her house, but was open when we walked back. She said she had not been there, as they do not encourage babies still in nappies. Would be far too anxious for the mother I thought! She reminded me that on TV tomorrow night is a program about the Conference. That will be a linguistic challenge!!

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