Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Room Living

After a 6 room house in Australia, I was apprehensive about living in a "closet" in Tokyo, but it is surprising how little one actually really needs!
This area has many houses and cars!, rather than huge blocks of flats, so the neighbours are not inches away, and I actually have trees as a view!
Compared to the apartment I had earlier in the year this is much more spacious, and the square rather than oblong shape allows for much more light. I have three sliding glass door that only one is actually a balcony, but having them open as the day cools down is very pleasant.
I have a typical "Unit bath"toilet, basin, shower and bath, all in one compact room; a 2 gas burner and small grill, a large sink and draining board, as well as a small fridge and microwave.
Two chairs and a table are adequate for me. My computer (wireless internet) at one end and place mat (called a 'runchi matto, (lunch mat)when I tried to find one) at the other. In this muggy climate the air-conditioner is a welcome necessity. The TV is not bi lingual, so it's good I didn't have TV at home so it's not a problem for me; but I do enjoy the children's shows which I can follow fairly well!
All in all I am very well set up!

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