Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Station

Japanese public transport is fantastic! maybe not the cheapest but still great. I have a PASSMO card that electronically works at the gates, and saves working out the fare each time. Coming from Melbourne the efficiency and ease of use for the millions of commuters here, makes me frustrated when I think of the years-long throes of getting a ticketing system going at home, that is still not finished. Why can't they just copy this one, or New York's or Paris or London!? No need to reinvent the wheel! Well, so much for that rant--
My local station Shirokanedai is convenient, just a 5 minute walk to the station entrance, and one stop to Meguro on the Yamanote (circular) line. However the platform itself must be near the bowels of the earth; there are four (4) escalators to get there! I know there are similar deep ones in London and New York, but again Melbourne has one subway line and 6 stations so no need to go deep. The Mita line of this station has completely enclosed the rail line with glass doors, and of course all trains stop opposite a door or marked spot on the platform.

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"See Me"... said...

You are on a roll!
I have tried over some of my entries to do what you seem to be planning to do and that's comment on everyday stuff.
Like the use of photos.
Hope the trip to Yokohama is successful and enjoyable.

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