Shirokanedai neighbourhood.

When I knew where this apartment was, Shirokanedai is at the edge of most of the Tokyo area maps, so I thought it must be in the middle of nowhere! What an Aussie coloured expectation!
The apartment is a 5 minute walk to the station, Shirokanedai, that is one stop to Meguro, on the circle Yamanote line, so very convenient.
On a little exploration I find it is walking distance to my 2 favourite spots, Happo-en(a garden) and Teien Art Museum ( set in an Art deco house).
The approach street has low 2-storey houses, and a small children's park. On the corner is Book -Off a bookstore with cafe and 2nd hand English books. I have a handy (2 actually) supermarkets; last time I had to shop in the food halls of the department stores (not so cheap) and a green grocer, as well as the great 100yen shop.
Next to the station and visible from my room is the Tokyo Science University with lovely grounds and buildings.
I hope to find more as I explore the back streets and areas. There is a building at the end of the street surrounded by a brick wall, but haven't got to the entry to see what it is yet


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