Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Doing the usual stay at home in trackydacks, and read, garden, cook, and watch the Good Friday Appeal. With no TV this is the first year I have realised that Live on top of Plus 7 Yahoo actually means Live broadcast not Life style! (that I had only clicked on about 3 months ago. So seen the AFLW games!
 But I had been looking at the courtyard last week and while it is a big change from 2 years ago
When we moved in 
Last week 
I wasn't happy with the pots all just line dup along the edge. (partly to control where along the garden Spencer would walk and compact.HE has a favourite pee spot next to the begonias pots so I have left that accessible.
But I was after some 'spaces' rather than a row of plants
So I started to move stuff around
Still looks like a lan,e but will see what I can move out without Spencer knocking it down.
He'll just have to learn to weave
Tree dahlia is getting tall by the tank.
 Blooms at end of Autumn 

The succulent bed is thriving
The blue pots are today planted grasses so when bigger will move them 

move date succulent pots to beside door 
Still not sure but looks better I still have to water the plants even if they are at the garden edge so being under cover is no big deal, but they still get sunshine.
I need to be sure I don't trip over stuff and that Spencer doesn't knock things over as he races around

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