Sunday, January 22, 2017

Airey's bathroom

We decided to improve the bathroom at Aireys before Celia comes home. It has a poky shower and outdated colour scheme and way too many cupboards.
The Brief to Marko was clean , crisp lines, a walk in shower Multi function shower rose and a basin and drawer or cupboards unit.
 Marko suggested we take off some of the pine as it made it all so dark,and that we have a door to close the laundry area.
So that's what we have.
Marko worked on it after Christmas and his wife Kate and kids Beth and Natal, spent the time down there enjoying holidays at the beach as well as running to Bunnings as needed.
Jo and Paul were down sorting out their parents’ house in Adelaide and came back via Melbourne, and I caught up with them at Aireys before they went back to Yamba.
The first job was to get the floor tiles up They were GLUED down!
Then as he  removed the pine he found that they were just nailed top and bottom no wall struts etc So he had to build a frame for the Gyprock. The taps of the basin were actually inserted in 2 cutouts in a cross beam, not above or below!
He also had a worry finding the drainage for the shower and was worrying it would come out on the top shelf of the pantry --Inaccessible, but it's in the middle of the kitchen ceiling.
He said not to ask about the piping for the inbuilt vacuum!
The result is great!!

I've since move this to beside the basin.
Laundry (new machine) awaiting the doors.

Basin Awaiting a hand towel rail and fixing the mirror
The plaster with some pine still above it.

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