Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Surry Hills Sydney

Had a lovely 2 days in Sydney doing the Children's Nursing Conference, and met up for dinner wiht Pam and Bob (Nursing July 66) who in a small world know someone working with Celia in NY!
I went for a walk each day and really enjoyed the quirky and old area of Sydney. Small house, opening directly to the footpath, Overhang verandas and a great street garden, and a puzzle of padlocks!

This looks hazardous and with out opening door

Cute little balcony

Pam went to explore. Its entrance to a Backpackers
The old Children's court
On News that night was about its redevelopment 

Lovely building 

Superb bit of espalier!! Star Jasmine 

Lots of tiling
Why 2 steps?

Two Doors!

More tiles

Change of access
Lots of murals 

The mysterious padlocks 

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