Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gimme Freedom (or Gimme Death)

I suddenly had the day free so decided to go to Bendigo to see the Tomi Matcevski exhibition.
At the Bendigo Gallery they also had a new exhibition by Jud Whimhurst called Gimme Freedom.
Gimme Freedom (or gimme death) is a major sculptural installation combining the iconography of fast food with the tactics of warfare, utilizing humour to draw attention to the darker side of consumerism and the artifice of freedom. 
Jud Wimhurst is the Bendigo Art Gallery 2016 Going Solo artist. 
Going Solo is an initiative providing contemporary artists living and working in central Victoria the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with curators and produce a new body of work for solo exhibition at the Gallery.
So it was all about war between the Fast food teams McDonalds, Colonel Sanders, and ? Pizza.
The full battle ground had ammunition of fries, sauce and mustard as well as small teams 
Each figure was carved then casta nd with individual faces Each about 30cm high.

It was all very cute and fun!
Video  was interesting about reason for his project and the construction

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