Monday, May 2, 2016

Paul Bangay Garden

I had seen his gardening books but not been to his garden.  On the map I realised it is behind Fran's property where we went to see all the kids each Boxing Day.
It is called Stoneleigh and home of Paul Bangay, widely described as one of the foremost garden designers in Australia.
His Garden at The Melbourne Garden Show 
The Open Garden weekend was a fundraiser for Stephanie Alexander School Kitchen Garden Scheme so she was there as well in the book signing tent.
I didn't buy any books as I have been given her books for gifts of the years.
The garden and house were created out of a stone covered paddock so is amazing.
Parking was in a paddock with a road in and another pout! But traffic management was good so the exit out only took 10 minutes.
The car park was filling fast when I arrived at 1015 (opened 10am!)

The grass was like a dense carpet that dented sl. with footprints 

A swimming pool like no other!!!

The pool looking to the house 

A planted border
Hedge on the pool terrace

A stylised garden That I admire but would not plant for myself 
Roof  of a small pergola 

The Apple Walk

The white garden and the small gutter trail

The gate is on other side of the hole

The gate 

Paul and Stephanie busy in the tent!


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