Monday, May 2, 2016

Ann is 90

I was thrilled to be invited to help celebrate Dr Ann Morgan's 90th birthday.

I first met Ann when I requested help from the Mental Health Department at Royal Children's Hospital in 1986.
The patient I was concerned about was a baby, so I was not sure mental health would be interested . But unknown to me some of the Department were just developing a group interested in Infant Mental Health 
When I said it was for a baby, I jokingly recount that it was the fastest mental health referral accepted in history! 
From there I joined the IMH group and developed a respect and admiration for this amazing woman.
Ann with Joanna Murray Smith at an IMH meeting in 2014
We went on to do some joint consultation and her insight opened a new way of thinking for me .
Ann is a Paediatrician and a Child Psychologist and even now runs a tutorial for the Master in Infant Mental Health at Melbourne Uni.
The party was at one of her sons' house in Hawthorn (7 children ) and  many grandchildren were present as well.
There were lots of colleagues that I knew there to celebrate with her husband John. I expect they had many other family celebrations .
She is mentally as well as physically agile but had twisted and broken her foot a few weeks ago.
So her usual  beautiful shoe collection was marred by the boot she had to wear.
We were disappointed there were not 90 candles!
John and Ann

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