Christmas Eve

As the rest of the family form Melbourne is in New York visiting Celia I am having a quiet Christmas day(but busy few days)
Last night I went to Bridie and Seans for Christmas Eve.
I am regularly going over on Alt Thursday afternoons since Max was born, and this was the alt Thurs. so I arrived at 1pm.
Max now 10 weeks 
Dylan and Sean were at his work lunch, so Bridie and I had Max to ourselves and Bride was wrapping

and cooking and tidying.
Bridie prepared a lovely meal of BBQ meat( Sean did the cooking)  Rice salad boiled potato salad and green salad.

As a starter we had delicious smoked salmon loaf on toasts

Dylan was busy playing with his Lego (all superhero stuff!)
Dylan put my gift to Max on saying 'He looks Handsome!"
Sean squeezed some lemon on the chicken but initially got pips over it Then did it sort of strained through his hand. Dylan was busy(we thought) but then said 'You should use the lemon squeezer" and got it out of the drawer.

We had Xmas crackers that went off with such force the gifts shot out onto the table and floor.
We all had Gold crowns except for Sean; his was silver.

 They kept kidding Bridie because her crown didn't stay on her 'big head and thick hair" But Dylan was thrilled at getting it on anyway!

We had a delicious dessert of Chocolate Ripple cake 

After dinner we watched some of the Carols by Candlelight (critiquing performances, or saying Who?)
Dylan was busy with his ninja toy he got from the work party that Sean spent a frustrating 30minutes while Dylan was in the shower, reassembling it as a different character "never again"
Discussing assembly 
Carols. Lots of families there on a great weather night 
The toy! 'Amazing' is his favourite word! 
Max meanwhile was easily entertained, slept through our dinner then had to be woken to fit in his bath and his late feed.
Loved the moving rattle!
He particularly loves the penguin on the mobile over the change table And also the awful living room lights! Laughs at them! What taste!
Out to the world 
A stretch at last !
He self settles to sleep and started to sleep in his cot. He looks like being an easy baby now, like Dylan was. Still vomits! I was just leaning over to get his dummy (he was in my arms) when he threw up all over the table and floor. Missed me altogether!
Dylan also loves his Collingwood  membership pack. Wore the beanie and scarf to bed, and loves it over his eyes because he can see through!
A lovely start to Christmas 2015


Cecilia Meehan said…
Just reading this now while I'm in New Orleans. A lovely account of the Christmas celebration and great to see such fab photos and the stories with them. Keep "em coming.