Friday, October 10, 2014

The Sale

A rather late entry but we are still at Footscray till 13th November
I approached an Agent that Andrew had referred me to and Dean Johnson and Summer were the agents that I dealt with from Sweeney. They were great and impressed with my styling of the house.
I had at first thought 'styling' was a wank, but after seeing some places on line (one obviously tenanted, with shopping on the counter, dishes in the sink and wet washing draped over the bath taps) So i went all out, even, on Andrew's suggestion, setting up a TV in the back sun room, as buyers would want to see where they can watch TV. I feel I should warn them when they do a final inspection that they need to organise an aerial  and cable. (when we did have TV it was just plugged in with a flat ribbon cord to the antenna )
The Bungalow was transformed.
 Pity Celia didn't get to use the craft room that  I worked on so hard last Summer!
All she will see next month is a barren space
I set this room up as an office
And this as a bedroom
My Bedroom has never looked so neat and tidy! And Celia's looked quite spacious!!

The bathroom never looked so good and the lounge looked great

This is with Spencer's cushion and my slipper (removed for inspections)
The Garden looked as  good as it is!
I replaced some plants from the Fallen Pom pom tree

planted some veges that had taken off by open days

At the auction 2 people were sitting here drinking coffee and eating a banana!
Had the paving cleaned as well

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