Friday, October 10, 2014

Bushido: The way of the Warrior

Decided to go to the national gallery to see this Japanese exhibition of Bushido, about Samurai.
Probably thinking I saw enough in Japan, but No!  endless interest!
The entrance to the room was painted Vermillion like a Tori (gate)
The exhibit was of Samurai Suits of Armour, swords, wood block prints,(of Yoshitsune-- that will mean something to Celia) and Screens.
The main suit was purchased by the NGV in 1889 but never had it on display! It dates from the Edo period 1600-1868 It is a suit of 'modern' style of the 11th and 12 century.

It must have been a sight to still the heart, as he came thundering towards you on horseback.
The detail and beauty of the patterns formed is amazing.
there was a great iPad App that gave you detail and close up of the whole suit.

As well a display of sword guards, Iron wrought with design and carving.
Also on an iPad that gave you details of each one.
The screen and this bow and arrow were beautiful in their detail

Can you guess what this is ??
A Fireman's cape and Helmet. Ceremonial I presume!
Other things on display were a lovely collection of Inro and Netsuke.Consisting of a stack of tiny, nested boxes, inrō were most commonly used to carry identity seals and medicine. The stack of boxes is held together by a cord that is laced through cord runners down one side, under the bottom, and up the opposite side. The ends of the cord are secured to a netsuke ,a kind of toggle that is passed between the sash and pants and then hooked over the top of the sash to suspend the inrō.

these are works of art and the Variety and detail of Netsuke are a collection in them selves.
 I was present with one of the 8 school groups I saw so gained some information from the Gallery guide's talk.

A wonderful helmet
An undergarment with family crest embroidered

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Celia said...

Wonderful exhibition.
and as Basho said of the place where Yoshitsune fell...

"The summer grass
Is all that's left
Of ancient warriors dreams"

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