Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stuart is 21

I was invited by my friend Anne Ferrie to join the family to  celebrate her eldest son Stuart's 21st  birthday.
He is at Uni in Canberra but came home on Tuesday.
Anne and Paul have 18 siblings between them, so dozens of cousins of Stuart and Alistair were there mostly boys. Stuart is the 5th to turn 21 in the last 6 months.
Paul, Alistair, Stuart and Anne.
 Paul spoke of early intelligence (coming 3rd in Australia's branniest kid) winning awards in many science areas. Anne told of his reading a sign outside Office Works ' No membership required" at age 4. He is a great musician, teacher, brother and son, and there were friends from school, Uni family and music joining in the evening. The evening catered for by a brother who is a chef. Talking to Anne mother she said it's good to have children with handy skills!

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