Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sculpture at fed Square

I spent a mixed bag Arts type of day .
NGV exhibition,  Chinses sculpture in the Fed Square, and Movies with kate and Lynne.
I went in by train (always easier) and as I was early, I went to the NGV over the road to see what was on
Had forgotten about the the exhibition of the Australian Impressionists in France telling the story of Australian artists who lived in France during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With over 120 stunning works of art. it included important paintings by John Russell, E.Phillips Fox and Charles Conder.

The catalogue picture is of the painting by John Russell Peonies and a woman's head  
It was a big exhibition with lots of well known pieces, as well as many little known artists. 
There as an audiovisual piece about restoration of a portrait of Van Gogh that had been done by John Russell one of the first Australian artists to go to Paris. 
The story was about how the painting helped prove stories of who was where and when. Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo “take good care of my portrait by Russell, which means a lot to me.”

I then went out to the Fed Square. Swanston St Forecourt to see these marvellous statues.
Xu Hongfei brought the 'Chubby Women' collection to Melbourne following a hugely successful exhibition along Sydney’s Harbour foreshore,  

Xu Hongfei describers his sculptures:
 “My works of chubby women are supposed to be fun. They weren’t created so people could admire them from a distance; having people come up close, touch the works, imitate them and have their photos taken is an important part of the art.”
As I was admiring one I saw a photographer asking if a family would replicate the pose for the  Herald Sun, not the guy's original idea!.
The  exhibition is from the City of Guangzhou and it is the first time the Chinese government has ever sponsored a modern sculpture exhibition in Australia
Fat2 generation
detail of above 

After this I met Kate & Lynne and we went to see The Lone Ranger. Lots of humour and general good lines, as well as an adventure! Johnny Depp in his element!

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