Friday, July 12, 2013

Nursing reunion

I was planning the day for my retirement based on having started nursing at RCH on June 8th 1984. But that was coming round too soon.
So I reset it to July 11 when I started nursing training but that was a Thursday in what was a short week, working only Monday Tuesday, so I finally settled on Wednesday July 17th 27 years and one month after I started in 1984.
But In the process I realised it was our training day anniversary as well
So we organised a 47 year reunion on July 12 th 2013
This seemed appropriate as the nurses' home and the hospital no longer existed!  
L-R Judy,Pam,Jill, Jenny,Paula, Michele, Robynne, Mary-Rose, Jan, Betty, Bis, Marcia, Lorraine
So the day was planned to do a tour of the hospital, have lunch in a Hospital cafe and then dinner. Paula and Betty planned this as they are both members of the Lyceum Club in the city.
They did all the contacting so all I had to do was authorise a tour and meet them in the other.
Jan, Pam and Marica in Hospital Foyer (or Main Street)
Fourteen people turned up including Lorraine Uhe who we had not seen since graduation.

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