Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Presentation Night

We had a record paid-on-time-attendees this year. Might have been the reduced cost but also the big publicity drive I think.
Everyone got in to the spirit of the colour scheme and we had some great outfits but nothing to beat Steve!! He makes these inflatable things for installations and whipped it up that morning! HAs a fan at teh abse to keep it up He had to deflate to sit down! Love the seagull on top

Steve The Bouy! 
Some flashy dressers, and the low key!
Steve and I doing a presentation
Margaret our office Manager has been with us 10 years!!
The band was a club member Geoff Rowden whom no-one knew could sing let alone play guitar The band was really good and got people going on the dance floor!! We had streamlined the presentations so we were through by 930pm and had  a few hours of party to follow.
Geoff from the band joined in the colour scheme

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