Friday, May 17, 2013


Friday night was our annual get-ready-for-the-Saturday-Party for the Presentation Night at PMYC, As usual Di had made plans and our theme this year was the colours of the Buoys Red, yellow and Black and white.
Di had the idea of making small buoys for the tables with candles inside After some trial and error she asked Steve to do a mould on which she, Rosemary and a few others made paper mache domes.
We had battery powered 'candles' so the buoys didn't catch fire, and as usual had a hanging installation near the bar, that greeted you when you arrived.
Because Di had been injured on the last Fun race day, and was moving on a crutch, so I went to her place to load the car with boxes and stuff.
Then drove to the Club; this on the day with the truck crash on the CityLink (a sign I drove past (slowly) in the morning said 'CityLink All Ramps Closed") but managed to make good time.
We had a few chores to do but with wine and nibbles got through by 830
Rosemary at work 
The wooden painted buoys getting in place 

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