Sunday, May 12, 2013


This year I decided to go to the MCH conference on Canberra esp as a few friends mentioned they were going.
It was just 2 days so  flew up on thursday night and met the others in Canberra Airport as they were on a Virgin flight that got in 10minutes after me and we came back together at 5pm Saturday.

It was not hard to find them as the new Airport building was empty!!!!!
 We stayed in an apartment hotel that was really great only a 10 minute walk to the conference centre.
The conference itself was mediocre. poor keynote on first day, appalling one at the end, and MC who was sexist and had people up playing games,(why need and MC???? It's not like no-one knew anyone else)
The dinner was at Parliament House and the meal was definitely moderate; The vegetarian lot had a very poor meal of it.
The entertainment and dancing was great (except for said MC) The theme of the night was I love the night life and everyone had party crowns to flashy bow ties.(not many men there )
Our grou (Borrowed Celia's jacket)
The foyer pillars to look like forest of gum trees 
The fantastic tapestry in the ball room
The Concurrent sessions I went to were good, and I took time off to visit the National Portrait Gallery and the Museum of Australia. A new separate  building since I was there last.
Canberra was 100 yrs in March and this was life in 1913. Great exhibition 
The Portrait Gallery was fantastic and had a special exhibition of 'First ladies" Not PM's wives but great women of Australia.

Like Melbourne, Canberra was in the grip of a balmy Autumn, day temp 24,  and I did a great walk around (well, along) the Lake and past the Australian of the Year walk

Who was the first winner??

Sir Macfarlane Burnett

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