Sunday, May 5, 2013

Art Gallery 2

Today I  went to the National Gallery to see the Ballet and Costume exhibition. looking at Ballet costumes and links to fashion. In 2002 the Australian ballet initiated Tutu: designing for Dance, and invited seventeen leading fashion designers and labels to make their interpretation of a Tutu.

The results were varied and beautiful.
love this one by Collette Dinnigan
The white Beads are actually Japanese Shibori (tie dying)
A surprise of the visit were two wonderful exhibits.
 The first was a glass reindeer in the foyer made of bubbles of glass I forgot to get who it was.but appealing to all who walked in.

Hard to tell if there were things inside or distorted reflections

The second was an installation called clinamen by Celeste BOURSIER  MOUGENOT.
An Installation  of  chance and indeterminacy in musical composition through the use of unorthodox musical instruments
Circulating gently porcelain bowls float driven by an underwater current and sound as the touch randomly and against the edges.
It was mesmerising and people were sitting there for ages 

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