Friday, May 3, 2013

Autumn Days

The weather is well and truly into Autumnal mode! Cold mornings and mild / warm sunny days.
Thursday was one of those so Dylan and I decided to walk to play group.

He meanders along but with a ritual. Always walks through the garden of the next two houses/ Units  counting the numbers on the letterboxes (he is always right ) If they don't have  a lock he lifts them to look inside. He got a shock yesterday when the cover came off!!
Broke! he called and walked away so I showed him how to fix it.
Today there were little after-rain puddles so his efforts of jumping in were thwarted!

But the leaves were a good diversion!

When we arrived at Play group and I open the door he walked in waving to the mothers and said 'Hi!!"

He spent a lot of the time with a small broom sweeping up the leaves on the grass then shared one with Eddie as they took turns on the slide.

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