Sunday, April 14, 2013


We are trying to increase the activity of the Jollyboat fleet at PMYC, and a good step in this direction was the Jollyboat Championship started yesterday.
There were 12 boats racing on the event, with only 3 left in the shed ( a few others not at the club), but the reappearance of Spartacus JB 34 (Gift from Denis Paskins) was great. This will be a club boat so hopefully will help sailing school continue getting on the water.
We have a historic picture at the Club of the first ASHES series when we had almost all the found/ known JB's on the beach 22 of them, So we have a way to go!
Maybe next year with the Club's 125th Anniversary may be the incentive.
The race brought some JB skippers who had changed fleets to come back. They did very well!!

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