Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yarraville Room

I have been meaning to take some pictures of my room in Yarraville but keep forgetting.
I consult there once a fortnight, in what is an unused Maternal & Child Health Nurse room. It is a two nurse centre but had had a vacant room for 15 mths.
The entrance. Great bed of Huge red Kangaroo Paw.
I started in July as I wanted to build up my private practice for when I retire from RCH in July 2013, and also provide a service in the Western suburbs 
It has been at least 50% booked ever since.
In exchange for the room I do some Parent education groups X 3 in 6months. I think I get the poor end of the deal as I did one for them a year ago and got paid well!!
It was for a trial for 6 months, but when I discussed with the Co-ordinator earlier in December she is happy for me to continue, but they will be using the centre again, so I am changing my time so I finish at 1pm. That will be good as I will still have the afternoon off.
Grass no longer green, but the creek runs just over the rise 
The room is in what is the Clare Court Children's Services centre A kindergarten  A Long Day Child Care, MCH Offices, and Play Group set in a garden on the edge of Stony Creek.

Typical MCH Office space

It is just off Williamstown Road before the Freeway access so just 8 minutes form home and handy to anywhere in the west, with easy access from Ballarat and Geelong Road and the Geelong Rd Freeway 
My toys and high chair can stay there.

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Celia said...

Looks good Mich.Plenty of parking too:)

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