Monday, January 21, 2013

A Mouse tale.

We often get field mice inside in winter, but not sure what this one thinks he is doing.
Well and truly making himself at home.
The only thing he can get at is the fruit bowl.  Noticed a few nibbles last week then found 1/4 apple gone But today found this!
It was intact last night!!
Little blighter doesn't like the peel. It is left in a little pile in the bowl.
So have moved the fruit to the fridge until I get a cover ( he got under or over the tea towel I had draped.) I don't like cold fruit so I am pissed with him
Need a sophisticated trap methinks!

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Michele said...

From Bridie had to share!
I almost died laughing once when I was in dad's kitchen and he had a jar with some cheese in the bottom with a bit of wood serving as a plank leading up to it with bacon bits all the way up. I asked what (the hell) it was. He said that he hoped the mouse would walk up eating the bacon drop into the jar wanting the cheese and wouldn't be able to get out again because the sides were too slippery. Then he could just take it outside.
I thought it was rather ingenious.

I have no idea if worked.

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