Sunday, September 9, 2012


It was shocking to get the news 2weeks ago that Jason Keats had died suddenly.
Talking to Bernard yesterday at the Yacht Club he said that he and Jason had sailed every Saturday for 15years. and I was part of that team for 12years. Jason was a quiet guy, who was a brilliant sailor and intrepid on trapeze.
As a team we won many club and Jollyboat Championships and he was a winner of the Club Member of the year award a few years ago for his work with the sailing school.
On Eccles
After I left to sail the Hobie with Andrew for a season they started sailing with Amber. When she was pregnant I sailed with them for the Jollyboat Championships in 2009 and we won again!
Amber, Bernard, Jason at Presentation night 
Jason on right
I cannot imagine the days at the club without him there. 

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Celia said...

He was a special friend Mich. All very sad. He'll be greatly missed.

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