Thursday, March 1, 2012

Technology slump

It  has been a month of Technology failures!! at the time when I am reading Steve Jobs Biography. He was a difficult strange guy, but as I read the book I remember how far it has come from when we typed green letters on a black screen to log on. He really was  a genuis!
Hard to comprehend the advances we now take for granted.

My Lap top decided to crash one night when I was watching a DVD. The film played OK but made a noise as it went around. When I went to eject it  everything froze and when I force quit, it didn't even come back on.
Looked up on my iMac 'how to remove a stuck dvd ( lots of answers so obviously common) The first one suggested I go to Utilities! a bit hard when I couldn't even get a screen but 2nd solution worked but still no screen
So took it to the Mac shop in Moonee Ponds on Thursday and they said it was the hard drive, and while I thought $250 was a lot, it was cheaper than a new lap top and I got an updated OS on it.
I had been using my Xmas gift of a year ago, An external hard drive to back up, but that was mainly clients' stuff so I did lose some photos and other docs.
But the new lap top has Time Machine so I just plug it in now not have to physically copy teh items They all stay in their folders too.
The my iPhone decided to run out of juice after 4 hours of use.Turns out it had got stuck and thought it was still on all the time. Got that fixed at Doncaster Shopping town store (An aside.... Shops there bear no resemblance to Highpoint!!!) with an updated OS again.
I was baby sitting Dylan the other night and he has discovered Bridie's iPad. She has an icon with games for him and he can turn it on, find the group of Apps and run this dinosaur app!!

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