Friday, March 9, 2012

Creature of habit

One of Spencer's endearing habits is his devotion, and love of my slippers, He likes to collect them when I retire to bed, sometimes just one, or when I take them off to put on my shoes. He then takes one to his bed (he has 3 so I do the rounds) or one to the rug in the lounge ( why there?)
 Once when I took one off to scratch my foot when I put my foot back down it was gone! He only does this with my slippers not my shoes, even at the end of the day when they would certainly have an aroma to appeal.
However since about 3 weeks ago I cannot find the second slipper. I have looked in all the usual places but no luck. So I have been going around with one slipper or bare feet, but last week it was a bit cold so my feet were cold on the floor so I decided to get a new pair. He ignored them except for a sniff for 5 days but now I have to look for them.
At least when he has them both in his bed I get warm feet in the morning! He never chews or damages them.
I came down to Aireys Inlet last night and I couldn't find his bed so just put an old bean bag down but he obviously did not like that. Again as soon as I got in to bed he was taking the slipper out. He sometimes has a sort of " you are not really seeing this are you." look, and if I am in the way has to weave his way around with the slipper blocking his escape.
I have always known he gets up on the couch upstairs but never seen him at it, but that is where I found them this morning.

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