Saturday, October 15, 2011

A good decision

I have been feeling a little better the last few days.  Not so tired after exertion, so was keen to try to go sailing again today. The weather looked mild so I was optimistic.
I went to the Post office to send off an order of my booklets (40!) and joined  a big queue at the Seddon Post office (open Saturday!) then went down to Port Melbourne.
Ursula, next door neighbour asked me if I was going to the shops, so after some painful interpretation I realized she wanted a new fitting for her front tap and hose. It was very stiff getting it on and off the tap.
So I stopped at Bunnings in Port and got that for her, and arrived at the club feeling a bit tired, So sat and had a coffee and chatted to those coming and going.
Then I went down to help Cliff finish off rigging the boat and the wind was coming up, and after half an hour with the boat I went back in to get lunch. By then I had the shakes and feeling decidedly less than fit! 
So as it was getting stronger wind rather than a gentle sail around I decided not to go sailing , and after the briefing I went home. But not before the breeze evened out a bit!! I toyed with going out but stuck to my decision.
I am not sure if they made it to the start line as the boats usually leave the beach at 130 and the race starts at 2pm and finishes about 430.
This is the graph of the wind during the day. 

It certainly was the calm before the storm!!

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