Saturday, May 7, 2011

preparing for the Move

Talk at work now is not about the new hospital, but the Move to the new space. All patients are to move on November 30th, and we will move just prior to that but with big plans for training about new set ups, new equipment ( logistical nightmare I can imagine) as well as general navigation!
I am already underway with clearing out excess from my office. I will have a desk, computer, 2 shelves and a small under-desk filing cabinet. So goodbye 5 shelves, 5 shelf cupboard, as well as toy cupboard!
The toys will perhaps go to the treatment rooms in allied health which I will use as a consulting room, and maybe the kids furniture I can take to my rooms in Balwyn.
The big fence has come down from the front and you can see the access driveways being laid.
The 'leaves ' of the building are really clear now. They are a feature to represent the colour of leaves in the gums in the park and also as part shades on the windows.
The red section on the right is Emergency and the middle green is where I will be based (as far as I can assess.)
There is a general mood of anxiety about how it will work esp the real concerns of single rooms in ICU and Neonates from the nurse observation and care point of view.
I think we have to give it a chance and see how we can change how we work to adapt to the design.
If it's too awful I can always resign!

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