Monday, March 21, 2011

New venue

Judy dropped round some stuff last night and we were talking about a new(ish) development in kensington. Namely the  iconic 19th Century Younghusband Factory, in Elizabeth St, at the end of Arden Street at the flour mill.
The Young Husband Limited Stock building has become an important part of Melbourne's history. Built in the 1800's, the building is now home to a wide variety of well established and predominantly arts related businesses.
In 2005, William May and Malcolm Cooke saw the potential for a themed function centre within the old factory and the space was home to  'Number 12' Elizabeth Street, for five years.
In 2009 Revolt Productions took possession of the space, with the vision of creating an arts hub, the first of its kind in Australia. After lengthy renovations Revolt Productions is a venue focused on melding the ambience of this historical site with the joy of creative growth.
 Coming up is a performance of a cappella that looks appealing so might go to that.  Melbourne's female a cappella quartet, Ginger & Tonic will be sharing the stage with the 5 men from the Gold Coast's Vocaleez !!
The old factory facade
I walked past it on the way home tonight and there are several different things there
Deep in the Wood
One was the Deep in the Wood hand made Furniture place. It used to be down McCauley Rd somewhere but has obviously moved.
There is also a costume place that Judy said was FANTASTIC!

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