Sunday, March 20, 2011


It was really hot today and I spent the morning trying to get rid of some of the ivy in the front garden A thankless and never ending task. Then I rested with a book (the Happiest Refugee Anh Do) Went and did some grocery shopping.
It is Michelle's (& Pauline's)  birthday today, so i gave her  a present when she got home. She had been  out late last night and stayed at a friend's and then had to get to work by 11am . The present was a book about shoe designers A-Z.  Went over very well!!
This afternoon was Di's Salon and today's project was felting. There were 8 of us there and Rosemary and Phillipa (both skilled craft workers) took us through basic felting. Di hadn't done it before so she was the student today We pass the time with chat, nibbles, and a glass of wine.  Di's Studio is in her back yard, purpose built and the windows look out on her herb and veg garden a very tranquil setting.

The Studio as we got started
My design with wool and threads
Rubbing the soap slurry on through wire mesh
This is the felting bit. Rolling it all together to mesh the wool
Rinsed, you had to grab it and fling it down 50 times !
The finished (shrunk ) product. May add some embroidery

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