Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Had its day

The wattle I planted about 12 years ago has gone!
It was supposed to be a small tree but like all natives outgrew the spot.
It was great camouflage for the brick bungalow, but the neighbours' leafaphobia (morbid fear of any leaf leaning over her fence) meant I was always having to cut it back from the fence. Taking a big branch off last year meant it was one sided and a big branch came down in  the wind last weekend.
So I decided to get it chopped.
I have had good luck with workmen again, and they came when they said they would, did a good job and tidied up!

                  Looking a little bare! Leaving the trunk to wind a Clematis I thought.

At least 2 feet deep of leaf mulch Not a weed in sight. Also have access now to the  garden to the left
I thought I might plant roses there, but last night realised it is the perfect spot for the vegetable garden, getting morning and afternoon sun until late in the day.
Bridie's book offering me some inspiration!
Could always put a rose at the back!

1 comment:

Celia said...

Looks much more bare- is that grammatically correct?
Dulcie will be pleased it's gone- has she come in to thank you?
What about building the bed up using railway sleepers then you won't have to bend to do the vege garden and perhaps a trellis at the back of the bed to espalia (sp?) the rose.

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