Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Day

The day started well with forecast of snow. But no actual fall in the day.
We started off the day with opening Xmas stockings left by Santa aka Celia.
I had brought her one from OZ so there were many local favourites for her. A great one I got was a decal to go on my Mac laptop. The apple sits right in the middle of the Magritte bowler hatted man. Sue's had Snoopy lying down with the Apple icon on his head!
Sue's sister Sally was with us and we had lunch with Bernadette, Kate and Margie all Aussie consultants
Xmas gifts exchanged after breakfast was a great time with us slowly opening one at a time!! Took a couple of hours. Celia gave me a lovely Pandora necklace and a Nambu kettle (Japanese iron ware) I also received some travel items from Sue and Bernadette ideal for my walk to work and general travel style!
We went for lunch at The Water Club on the East River with views to Brooklyn & Queens. The food was divine. Just a view of the superb Apple tart. 

 A small world: I realised half way through the meal, that at the adjacent table (slightly behind us so didn't notice at first, was Peter Barnett and his family, a paediatrician in emergency at RCH. He was on 6 weeks L.S.L.

The day finished with plans for Boxing day and planning for snow.

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