Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter at Aireys 2.

The new back decking area is lovely. Unfortunately I was not able to enjoy it to the full as Annemarie had taken the house keys with her and it has the only shed key on it. But I did manage with the bean bags to relax outdoors.

Annemarie and Michael have done a fabulous job of getting rid of all the dead tree branches and undergrowth. It look great!
The weather was great but with a little rain and overcast on Tues Wed. Spencer enjoyed the walks along the beach That was in all its glory A truly great spot!

A local action is about the plans for a supermarket (large!) down at the lower shops where the hardware was. The main objection form locals is that it is to be several floors (offices above and is in no way in keeping with the adjacent shops. Aireys is one spot along the Great Ocean Road that is not develop hip so we are all signing thins a I should look at the Council site and see what opportunity for objections there are. We have a good local shop and Aireys supermarket is only 10 minute drive away!
Spencer also was very patient waiting at the varied spots I stopped, but I had his hair cut while I went to Lorne. He sits and whines pathetically as I try to shop. I bought some great new winter boots and some zip sneakers.

1 comment:

Celia said...

The deck looks fabulous Mich.

The plans for the supermarket sound over the top and in need of objection.

Hope you get back down to Aireys sooner rather than later.

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