Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter at Aireys (1)

I drove down from Melbourne to Aireys Inlet on the new M! and took 1hr 27 minutes door to door. The only delay was the build up as The Princes merged with the Westgate traffic but we kept moving even then.
I have Easter days off as well as Mon Tues Wed (and of course Friday) next week I will head back to Melbourne on Thurs as I am getting my hair cut.
I just realised that I left the camera cable at home so can't download any pictures so may delay publishing this till next week.
My Good Friday tradition when I have TV is to watch the Good Friday Appeal and see those I know so I start with the news today. This cute little guy came in with a cold but found to have an enlarged heart on Xray and ended up with surgery.MY work in the cardiac unit is usually doing developmental checks at varied stages. Parents find it reassuring to see how their baby is going along, despite the long admissions for cardiac conditions. Usually it is only the Gross motor areas that are delayed. Though some's social interaction is a bit guarded except with mum. On the other hand many are very social with the staff. This guy was fortunate in that he was well and thriving before so had plenty of reserves with which to recover quickly.
Liams deck at the back of the house looks amazing A lovely rich red colour and broad with a neat board edge, called portrait I think, not just the edges of the board but a containing board. The retaining wall His pride & joy at the steps end has a wide edge so somewhere to perch even.
It beautifully extends the house to the outdoors and tidies up the area.
It requires a lovely outdoor setting, but I have one at Footscray and don't want to invest in another, so the green plastic ensemble will have to do in the interim.

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