Wednesday, October 28, 2009

House renovations

Celia and I have decided to do some renovations (structural) to the house instead of selling and moving to an apartment.
So Step One is getting the house re-blocked (or re-stumped depends on the age of who you ask!) It has a decided lean to the front with a ghastly crack appeared in the wall between the main house and the brick wall of the newer (but old) part. The drought has made it worse drying out the ground and shifting the base.
The carpet needs replacement anyway and we need a new gas heater , it makes some weird noises at times. So a few big changes.
Mark is doing the work and his first job is to take down the front veranda a rather ugly add-on, made of concrete (painted red when we moved in) and brick while the house is weatherboard. There is also a crack appearing where the bricks meet the concrete veranda and a decided lean on the veranda level.
The first step is to jack hammer the concrete up including the path in front of where I park the car. I have alerted the neighbours about the potential noise!
He starts tomorrow and has said it will take about 10 days. We shall see!!!
The other aspect is to get Spencer away as he will annoy the workers as well as escape when gates are open etc and when the front is open he just needs to go under the house and out the front .
He is going to stay at Judy's tomorrow & if he behaves, can come again i.e. will stay out from under her bed where he not only snores but lurches the bed every time he gets up or moves. Judy says she will not get a higher bed!!
I will pick him up again on Friday and go down to Aireys Inlet. Mark will work Saturday and Monday so I will miss some of the mess as I am away for Cup Day long weekend.

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