Friday, October 30, 2009

The Base exposed

Confidence in the project is high, as the first challenge, "will the workmen turn up when they said?" was achieved. Not only that, but the job of digging up the concrete was finished on day one!! That was because he had 5 men there doing it (not like Matt, Celia!)
Mark reported that it was the verandah holding up the front section as there were no stumps reaching the house or the ground under the front at all. So he has jacked it up to start. He even rang me (fluked my being in the office where the phone was,) to tell me the door may be a problem with the movement up and to ring when I got home if i couldn't open the door. It was fine, but this morning it would not stay closed, so I put in a paper wedge and sms'd (a word??)him and he will fix it today.

The verandah posts are hanging free but the roof is held up by a jack.
The concern I have that is not usually shared by workmen is the survival of the garden!
I feel I should not be fussy about this when the logistics of the job mean they have to tramp close to the house, and the garden is so close. But I did move the pots out of the danger area and hope the Just Joey rose will survive.

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