Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Action

Day 12 (-19)
Rule for Japan - if you hear drumming do not fail to investigate. About 11am as I was heading out to see film of "Dumb Type" group at Hatsudai, I heard drumming just outside. So I had the answer to what happens to the Mikoshi (Portable shrine.) from yesterday! It is carried through the neighbourhood.
They we
re just passing the corner of my lane on the way up the road to Meguro Dori. Luck was with me as they passed, because they had a rest stop just up the road. Local women had set up drinks in the small carpark of an apartment block. I saw them later taking stuff home.
The shrine was carried by the men while the drum was pulled by the kids and adults all in happi (short j
ackets) and hachimaki (headband). Obviously the drum is not sacred as can be seen by the casual attitude.(right) Older men were supervising and were encouraging as the kids belted out on the drum.
There was a young girl with mild CP who was walking up with her father. As they started off again the men encouraged her to join in. She was thrilled as they started pulling and chanting.
One little tacker took over his brother's hachimaki and wanted his bell as well (on a cord round the neck), but dad intervened and gave him his own. Some of the kids were on a mobile phone telling mum they were having a rest! They looked funny with their traditional gear on the mobile! An older man was organising everyone and had a loud-hailer to get them going again. I shared a cold tea and a brief chat with the mother of one intrepid 4 yr old!

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