Saturday, September 13, 2008

Local action

Day 11 (-20) The plastic models of food are an icon of Japan. It has made food selection so much easier. Now, as well, they have picture menus in nearly all small restaurants and cafes, for the Japanese not just we foreigners. Often there is an English description as well. One I saw the other day had Noodles, chicken and good source of fibre.

Today I saw activity for a festival here tomorrow, with some action tonight. There were lanterns strung up near the community centre in the main road and in the small lane to the Meiju Gakuin (high school)
The action tonight seemed to be divided into two areas. Food mainly for kids, minced meat (like sausage) on stick and fairy floss, and the other was games for the kids. They lined up to buy a ticket , this involved lengthy discussion about ?what they fancied? then had a choice of three things. Hoops tossed on posts with small gifts at the base; Pachinko (slot ball) with a prize if the ball went into any collection of nailed shapes and a shooting gallery, with little plastic ball.
Lots of little girls in summer yukata and men working were wearing Happi coats.
There is a shrine with offerings there as well so not sure what that will do tomorrow. All fairly low key action.

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