Sunday, August 10, 2008

A stroll

Unbelievably it was 'cooler' today only 25 but still 65% humidity, but it inspired me to go for an exploration of the neighbourhood. My initial plan of a visit to Happo-en garden was thwarted, by an extremely apologetic man who explained their was a wedding on and from "now till closing the garden was for guests only". With lots of apologetic bowing (on his part) I departed to try another day. This is just at then end of my street, so not out of my way.
I then strolled down the main street, Meguro Dori, taking in the apartment blocks that are above the shops; a bit invisible when just walking along and looking at eye level. The buildings are fairly uniform then an individual one pops up!
Further on I spied the elaborate entrance to a wedding centre where they run the wedding service and reception; all very much Fairytale themes.
Just past this were the gates to what I discovered was the back entry to the Science Research University part of Tokyo University. A venerable looking edifice with colonnades and towers and ivy.
This brought me back out to the main street just near the station entrance,
As the sun had come out and the 'cool' gone, I headed home and hoped to catch some Olympics of Aussies in action amid the Japanese Judo , badminton and hockey.
ABC Iview is not available out of Australia, and Yahoo7 has the same message for video clips of the races, so I can only get their daily summaries. But I did see Stephanie Rice's gold swim! (there was a Japanese girl in the final! )

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"See Me"... said...

Hi Mich,
Great way to fill the day with a bit of serendipitous roaming.
Good thing there are some interesting spots so close to home!

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