Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Writers' Group

As an incentive to write more frequently (writing a parenting book on feeding problems) I joined a Meet Up called All Write! This meets in North Melbourne fortnightly and I also attend Melbourne Writers group who are also in North Melbourne.
I go to All Write and to the other if there is no meet up scheduled
But MWG had a social night where some people read a bit of their work around a romance or love theme given it's Valentine's day tomorrow. There were about 30 people there (a BIG attendance) and it was very pleasant evening
Beautiful building 
I travelled in by train and walked to the Royal Melbourne Hotel in Bourke street just before  King.
Built in 1889 and located the hotel on former site of Bourke ST West Police station now a restored heritage building.

Bluestone church 
Well just beside it was St Augustine's Catholic Church that I had never seen/ noticed before.
What an oasis in the city!
Built over 160 years ago to handle the overflow from St Francis Church.
View to Bourke st 
The garden of church
Church interior

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